Annual Pass Renewals

 Annual Pass Renewals
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you have a billing option?

A:  Yes.  If it is your first time signing up with us, you will pay for the first two months up front (16%).  The remaining balance will be spread over 10 payments.  There is a $2 processing fee for this option so the pass will be $22 more expensive than if you pay up front.

Q:  Do you offer a military discount?

A:  Yes.  For those active military and their families who live outside the District we offer a discount of 20% on any pass purchased, including the annual.  If you are military and live in the District you will continue to receive the District rates offering you the biggest discount.

Q:  When should I renew my pass?

A:  Your best option is to renew the day after your expiration.  The attendants at the Front Desk of The Trails Recreation Center can check your expiration date for you.  You may also find the information when you log into your account at the online registration link.  Once you renew, your new pass will start.  If you renew before your expiration date, you will end up losing days on your current pass.

Q: What do I need to bring in for my renewal?

A: The Trails Recreation Center will need to re-establish residency by making sure your current tax levies are paid to Arapahoe Park and Recreation District. A valid driver’s license with your current address or a current Arapahoe County tax statement or mail addressed to your from your utility bill or phone company is what we will accept to show residency. We also ask that you bring your Trails ID Card with you and your payment type of choice. If you are renewing your annual pass with the recurring billing option, we also need a debit or credit card to initiate.

Q: Are renewal prices the same?

A: 2014 pricing showed a re-structuring of the household annual pass.  Pricing did not change for the first 6 individuals within the same household.  However, 7 or more members will each be $125 children, $135 for youth/seniors and $155 for adults

Q: What steps should I follow to continue recurring billing?

A: As a renewal patron, you will pay for the first month up front. The debit or credit card you use for this first month will be set up for automatic withdrawals on a monthly basis starting two months after your renewal date. There is a $2.00 service charge each month for this service and you can change your account that is accessed at any time.

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