Construction Photos (10/7/2003)

Completion of bank stabilization.  Rip rap rock is covered by soil and a layer of seeded matting that will create a native vegetation for erosion control.

Buckley Road bridge being constructed by Arapahoe County.  Notice the trail system going under the bridge.  The bridge dedication ceremony is scheduled for October 23, 2003.

Curb and gutter at the east entrance to the site. The first layer of asphalt will be in place very soon, helping to prepare the site for winter work.

Concrete work on the west side of the building site.

Foundation work at the northeast corner of the building.

Foundation and footings across the northwest side of the building.

More foundation and footings.

Curb and gutter at the main entrance area of the building.

Curb and gutter. Looking northwest at the circular drop-off at the very front of the building.

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