Kids' Nite Out


A great time for all kids ages 7 - 14, 7 -10:30 p.m.
Saturdays Year Round
KNO will not be held Sept 3, Nov 24,
Dec 22 and Dec 29, 2018

Fun for kids; a great place to meet friends and hang out!
Fee: $15/child.

  • Kids can dance to their favorite songs in a supervised environment.  Disc jockeys only play music that has been pre-approved and deemed appropriate.  The DJ runs dance contests and games throughout the night to encourage kids to participate.
  • Kids can participate in games and contests like basketball, dodgeball, soccer, kickball, football, and relay races.
  • Kids have the opportunity to win prizes for participating in games and contests, showing good sportsmanship, answering trivia questions, or for just being in the right place at the right time!
  • Two hours of each night may be used for swimming and water games.  Lifeguards keep everyone safe and involved in various water games and activities.
  • Kids may purchase food, beverages and snacks.
  • A fun place to socialize that you can call your own!
  • Great for parents; best of all you get a night off!
  • The safety of all kids who attend Kids' Nite Out Across America® is the highest priority.  All counselors are subjected to a background check prior to being hired and trained.  The program provides a staffing ratio of not more than 20 kids per counselor.

Additional information and schedules are available at The Trails Recreation Center, 16799 E. Lake Ave., Centennial, CO 80016-3079.

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