Project Summary


The Arapahoe Park and Recreation District has retained the Wells Partnership, Inc. as their Owner’s Representative / Project Manager for your new Recreation Center, an approximate 78,000 SF facility on an approximately 21.5-acre site located at the intersection of Buckley Road and Orchard Road.  The Wells Partnership is serving as an extension of the Owner’s staff with responsibility for all phases of entitlements, design, shell & core construction and interior construction, including schedule, cost control, and coordination between Owner, Design Professional, Public Officials, and the Contractor.

In order to manage the project in the most effective manner, The Wells Partnership has set up a computerized, integrated database for the project, which tracks total project costs, schedules, change orders and application for payments.

DESIGN - Recreation Center

Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (Architectural Firm) has prepared a revised equipment list and budget for the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) package.  This has been distributed to the Board for review and comment. The budget reflects recommendations for inclusion of the second and third year equipment at opening day. Initial bids have been received and are in the process of being evaluated for scope.

OLC is in the process of compiling the technology procurement package. The target issuance date for bidding is April 1, 2004.

ASI and OLC are in the process of compiling the signage procurement package. The target date for bidding is April 1, 2004.

Currently, APRD is quoting an opening time frame of 4th Quarter 2004.  The schedule will be re-evaluated in the spring to determine if construction progress will allow for an earlier completion date.

DESIGN - Skateboard Park

The Board has authorized The Wells Partnership to contract with The Architerra Group for the design of the skatepark. The contract has been executed.

A series of workshops have taken place to facilitate the programming and master planning process for the skatepark. Following these workshops, The Wells Partnership will seek Board approval to allow The Architerra Group to commence construction documents. The Wells Partnership is conferring with CT / Thompson with regard to the suitability of soils at the Skatepark site.  Over the next month, the refinement of construction costs will also take place with Architerra and knowledgeable contractors.

CONSTRUCTION - Recreation Center

Construction activities for the month of February included weather protection activities for concrete pours and installation of fireproofing; pouring of interior concrete slabs on grade; pouring of second floor concrete fill on metal deck; the continuation of building interior and exterior masonry work; the start of EFIS installation; miscellaneous and detail steel erection; installation of steel stairs; tongue and groove wood roof decking; plywood sheathing and roof blocking; fireproofing of structural steel; the continuation of roofing activities; the installation of hollow metal door jambs; interior metal stud work; reinforcing installation for the pour of the concrete sub-slabs; installation of roof drains; floor drains and ductwork; installation of fire sprinkler piping; plumbing rough in; and interior electrical rough in, along with the installation of the high bay light fixtures in the gym. Electrical switchgear has been delivered and is being installed.  The Myrtha pool parts have been delivered to the site and are being installed. Structural steel for the climbing wall has been installed.

The project is on schedule.

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